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VIVV on the Golf Course

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Before the sunrise of Friday the 13th of September 2019 there was a distant roar of motorcycles once again in the City of Glendale heading to the Wigwam Golf course on Litchfield Road.

Within the early morning, the 20th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament began. Tiny, Slingshot, Jammin, and Singleshot turned off their bikes and mounted their golf carts to make sure that sponsors for the event were able to make it out to their designated areas.

To make matters more interesting, little did the sponsors know that the bikers that were going to be driving them were lost and it was going to be an event in itself to get to them to their assigned setup spots. However, without fail, the four bikers lead with nothing more than their wits and a bad sense of direction and everything was set up in time for the start of the golf tournament.

As the tournament was underway, we provided support for the event and gave sponsors the ability to go where they needed and to make sure that clean up went smooth as the event ended.

Everyone that was taken onto the course, now needed to be brought back to civilization. Now that we had a better feel of the course and lay of the land bringing sponsors back to the golf course clubhouse for lunch and the announcement of the winners of raffle and games went smoothly.

VIVV Motorcycle Association maintains and values a close relationship with the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and enjoys supporting them anytime we are able to.

A big thanks to all that helped, and as a disclaimer no golf carts were hurt in the process of this event.

Thank you everyone.