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VIVV Cooks it up at MANA House

This year, Veterans IV Veterans Motorcycle Association held its first annual poker ride. This year’s event was a huge success with the main beneficiary being MANA (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force) House who provides transitional housing for veterans. They provide a foundation for veterans currently or at-risk of experiencing homelessness, providing each one the opportunity to reclaim a life of self-sufficiency.

MANA House supports and assists each veteran by providing the following services:

* Career counseling, job search, resume development, job placement and job interview readiness in our Veterans Resource Center

* Enrollment assistance at Veteran Administration (VA) hospital, social security and Department of Economic Security (DES)

* Open VA claims and benefits upgrades

* DD-214 and discharge upgrades

* Assistance for educational programs including GED, vocational, college and university

* Assistance with finding permanent and affordable housing

* Volunteer job opportunities with MANA House and at MANA outreach programs

* Public transportation passes

* Transportation provided to and from the VA hospital

* Computer access

*Full kitchen and dining room

* Laundry and showers

To learn more about MANA House you can go to their website at

When VIVV was in the decision process about our Poker Ride, making MANA House our Beneficiary was a great decision due to the tremendous service they provide for the Veterans in the Phoenix Valley.

On 6/29/2019 VIVV couldn’t just go to MANA House and deliver a check, we looked at this as a prime opportunity to offer our time and efforts and prepare and serve a meal for the residents staying at MANA House.

VIVV Heats things up in the kitchen

It was hot 110 degrees in Phoenix on this Saturday, but VIVV has things sizzling in the kitchen at MANA House this day.

The VIVV culinary expert Buddha, had the kitchen plans laid out and put together his signature cole

slaw and baked beans, meanwhile, our President Tiny had put his personal touch on his smoked chicken to assure perfection and Teri had put together her award winning macaroni salad that is always a treat. And no meal is complete without an assortment of fresh baked cookies to brighten up the day.

This mission was successfully completed by the efforts of each and every member of VIVV, the Auxiliary and the Youth VIVV as everyone participated in preparation, set up, serving and cleanup of the meal.

VIVV fed 50 Veterans in the MANA House facility, while they enjoyed the meal, VIVV ate with them and enjoyed socializing with them and learning more about these great Veterans and was then capped off with a check presentation to MANA House Management.

We look forward to preparing and serving more meals in the future for MANA House and helping in any small way we can with the Homeless Veteran situation in the Phoenix Valley.

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