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Bingo at the Phoenix VA Hospital

VIVV participates in many Veteran related events and activities around the Phoenix area.

One of the awesome things that VIVV has been in involved in for a couple of years is each Thursday, we are at the CLC at the Phoenix VA Hospital supporting Bingo for the CLC patients.

The Bingo is always enjoyed by all that participate to include us, even though in all good fun there are times the patients will not hesitate to express feelings towards the Bingo caller if he is not calling the numbers they are needing to complete a BINGO.

The interaction we have with these Veterans is priceless. We may be sharing a joke with one of them or there are times the Veterans just appreciates a listening ear to what is going in their lives at that time.

As you can imagine, most of these patients are in the CLC for long term, so this often gives us the opportunity to establish friendships with both them and often their families.

On 6/27/2019 VIVV donated a new PA system to the CLC at the Hospital for Bingo or any other activity they could use it for. VIVV did this because several of the Veterans in the CLC has hearing challenges and the current system that was being used did not provide enough clear sound and presented a challenge at times. This was a very easy decision on our part to provide the new system for them and it was our honor to be able to do so.

We consider ourselves very fortunate that the VA Hospital allows us to support this each week and we look forward too many more Thursdays in the future at the CLC putting on Bingo for our Veterans as we are committed to assisting in some small way to the comfort of these Veterans that gave for our Country

VIVV and the CLC staff

The smiles says it all

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